What is uManager?

uManager is a management game designed to promote the development of young students’ entrepreneurial skills. The game offers young people the opportunity to deal with the management of a touristic village, stimulating decision making and problem solving skills in a reality-oriented environment.

How to use the game in teaching

uManager is developed to be customized and to meet the specific needs of teachers and their classes. The student can play alone or in groups (for example the class) to compete in a common market. The teacher can design the experimentation activity, subdividing the class into groups and defining in detail the game model. uManager is an effective teaching tool for activities like the school-work alternation as it promotes immersive and experiential learning. It offers to students the opportunity to learn on the field as if they were in a real job environment, because the game reaches the right balance between the realism of a simulated system and the  effectiveness of a learning path.